68 years old man in India from Germany on foot

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Kuno Jakob, an old man aged about 68 years belongs to a small city near Munich,Germany. He is basically a farmer by profession but since last one and half years he started travelling around the world on foot only with his stuffs inside a two wheeler luggage.

He said “I have stated my   journey one and half years ago on foot and meanwhile I  have covered 14000 km, including 15 countries and 13 states of India .”

He has reached a remote area of Borpeta now. He is determined to visit Myanmar through Guwahati along with seven sisters of Northeast.

Further he added “Before going back to Europe in home I would visit Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia,South America,and North America .”

In a question he replied ” People of my age smokes,drinks, enjoys  luxurious lifestyle and waits for disease like cancer .”

According to him people becomes old ones he thinks so. He claims that he never  touched thinks like smoking,  alcohol etc and walking is the basic secret of his fitness.

Mentioned to be made that he chooses the most remote areas he can to experience the lifestyle of people from country to country.

He shares his experience of rural areas this way

“Sometimes I feel like an alien when huge people gathers around me .”

Rafiqul Islam,Gossaigaon

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