Paintings in the dark” second teaser was released on social media

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Paintings in the dark” second teaser was released on social media

A whole new Bangla feature film “Painting in the Dark”, directed by Satyajit Das, is hidden within that name, all the mysteries of the picture. The scene of a blind boy from Village, who came to town and arranged the background of the film centering his life.

The main character of the picture is blind from the little past, when he heard the sound he draw the picture. In the center of the Film artist, there are two counts in Bengali cinema. But such a challenging story and such a different opinion of the director, Satyajit Das, is undoubtedly expected to create a new scene in the Bangla film world.

The first part of the Film teaser was released on social media, which has been very good enough a few days ago in the film viewers. Recently the second part of teaser was released in social media. Teaser has repeatedly seen a blind boy and helped him reach the goal by showing him a girl. But who is this girl and what is their goal? The director did not open much of the teaser and it’s presented very thrilling way .

Rashed Rahman, son of North Bengal, has starred in the lead role of the film, as an actor. Through the painting of the dark “Satyajit Das’s picture” Apart from this, Sreela Tripathi, Surajit Chowdhury , Sayantee Chattaraj, Biswajit Ghosh, Nilanjana Rudra, Saheb Haldar and many others have played in this film. The film will be relase in October .it will be presented in different theaters of the movie.

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