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Flow of a few spontaneous questions are knocking my mind after the massacre.According to BJP govt.they always stand with Hindutwa.The purpose of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 by BJP is to secure the lives of foreign Hindus which is the root cause of  violence in Assam.As a result five innocent people had been killed who even don’t know what went wrong by them.How could this bill be turned into a rule which causes the death of poor people.Would the foreigners prefer this nation which can’t even save its own citizens ?
It sounds that the massacre is made by ULFA(I) who doesn’t at all support the bill along with many Assamese organizations.Well, all knows the power of this group since long. There are lots of such instances.But if it is really done by them then why did they select 1st November?Who inspired them. 
Along was the controversial opinions by various political parties the Bengoli Federation Leaders threatened straight to media followed by Mrinal Hazarika “This is not 1983,its 2018,you have arms and we also have power. But police had not taken any satisfactory actions against them. Now a days the organizations produce such leaders who like to be in the headlines saying anything publicly ? Can anyone describe these leaders contribution to their community? Now will such organizations or their leader take the responsibility of those families? 
 BJP leaders are quite so far? In the name of Hindutwa they are inspiring the terrorist groups to create unwanted situation like yesternight so that such issues last long.In reality this government is not with Hindus support, to the contrary they are playing with Hindus emotions.We need to think the change that congress couldn’t bring and for which we elected BJP.It seems promise is made to break.
By R. I. Manik
Kokrajhar, Gossaigaon 1536

Manik Islam

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